Hi I’m Julie Christina, 

I am a  Digital content writer who started her business as a Virtual Assistant working with other female entrepreneurs to help them thrive in their businesses. 

This all started with wanting to create a side hustle to go along with my full time job. Once I discovered the working online space, I decided to take a chance and learn all the skills I could to be able to help myself and others as well. Of all the skills, I had fallen in love with content creation and more specifically Blogging.

I have always loved writing since I was a child and with being a virtual assistant, it gave me the opportunity to pick up where i once left off. Presently, I offer done-for-you blog writing services to alleviate the overwhelm of writing blog posts yourself and blog strategy sessions if you need a quick chat to go over current pain points with the next steps to solving them.

My mission is to help other entrepreneurs elevate their brands with marketable content to attract their ideal clients. I want to help you take that extra task off your plate that you do not like doing so you can invest that time into growing your business your way!

Since you heard my mission, here are the values I stand by when serving you in my business!


I am always accessible through my computer devices to answer your urgent questions, feel free to reach me via email, voxer, or Facebook messenger any time during the day to get your problems solved. I believe in efficient customer service to help my clients with their needs as long as it is within reason. I will be there to back you up!


I am able to handle your tasks and deliver them in a timely manner despite my hectic work schedule. As I mentioned, I care about my business and my clients well-being. We are all building an online business and should take pride in who we are and who we want to serve!


It is important to have your mentor or business associate become reliable to help you along your journey. I take this business not just to make an extra income but I love to connect with other female entrepreneurs and be a reliable source if you need that support and accountability.

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