Unlock the tips and tools needed to generate recurring revenue in your business with a client-attracting Blogging Confidently Masterclass!

You are a business owner just starting your business and have heard that you must create content to get more visible and make money. You have been told, or seen in the online world for yourself, that people have gotten more visibility in their business by starting a blog! 

You want to get in on the action because this can be your golden ticket to help you succeed financially, but a few roadblocks are holding you back!

You do not know exactly what a blog is and how it is going to benefit your business

You are overwhelmed and frustrated because you do not know how to start writing a blog. This makes you feel like an enormous weight is on your shoulders to get your business off the ground.

You may already start a blog, but you are just writing blogs to stay consistent, but you need help with what you should be blogging about to build your brand.

You may have heard that blogging is dead and no one reads blogs anymore so what is the point of either starting one?

You feel like you want to blog but you don’t think you are a good enough writer

The truth be told is Blogging is still alive, well and helping business owners thrive everyday!


Spend 60 minutes with a Digital Content Creator and New Blogging coach who has been studying the blogging business for 3 years and has worked with other new business owners to start their blogs with confidence 

Hey There, I’m Julie

Before I have discovered my love for blogging and content creation, I was trying to find a career I was passionate about. After having gone to study in school and obtained different degrees, I was still unfulfilled. 

I saw the idea of working remotely and I started to look into the world of freelancing to try to make quick and easy money. It was great to help business owners write blogs and social media content to help get tasks off their plates but I wanted to do more.

I realized I would rather teach and inspire other women to use content creation to gain more visibility for their online business. I made the switch, focused more on blogging since that was my passion, conducted more research on how to start a business blog and now am helping people do the same.

If you are still with me, I want to introduce you to an interactive masterclass where you can show up, scared and defeated to telling your blogging fears to kick rocks!




In this Free Masterclass, you will learn how to unlock the beginners tools to writing your way confidently to recurring revenue with your blogs!

What is blogging and the different types of blogs you can create to start attracting your ideal clients

Why Blogging is beneficial to your business

Why your existing blogs are not converting

I will go over the 3 fundamental steps you need to get your blog started!

As a bonus, i will go over an intro to blog monetization and types of products you can sell through your blog to create passive income streams! 

Stay until the end, to receive a special bonus where I will discuss my 3 day Jumpstart Your Blogging Journey Challenge!  

This challenge is guaranteed to help you get that headstart writing your first blog post with ease based on everything you applied in this masterclass! 

April 26th @ 3pm EST/2pmCST/12pmPST