How to Create Eye-Catching Pins for Pinterest

Are you trying to figure out how to create eye-catching pins and grow your Pinterest account? You may think that creating dozens of pins will do the trick, but you need to consider if they are appealing to your ideal audience. This is where optimizing your pins comes into play. Optimizing your Pinterest content means making sure that every Pin generates maximum traffic, and that you are connecting with your ideal audience. Wondering how you can optimize your Pins? Keep reading to learn some great tips!

create eye-catching pins for Pinterest

What Should You Post on Pinterest?

Let’s start off by taking a look at the types of content that perform best on Pinterest. Products, DIYs, Recipes, Tutorials, and Infographics all perform really well on Pinterest. After all, people go to Pinterest to gain inspiration for their next meal, gathering, project, and more. 

Depending on your niche, and target audience, you should be able to create one or more types of content for your Pinterest account. 

It should also be noted that there are different types of pins on Pinterest including 

Rich Pins: Pins saved on Pinterest that have extra information attached to the pin. They show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement.

Video Pins: Video Pins have a cover image that captures your audience’s attention. They play in users’ feeds, so keep in mind that your audience may or may not have their volume on when they see your video.  Video pins are also popular to use in an ad format. 

Carousel Pins: Multiple images in one pin that the pinner can scroll through and learn more about a topic.

Idea Pins: Gives you all the information you need to make a recipe, craft, or try a creator’s idea. 
Try on Product Pins: Try on uses augmented reality to let people on Pinterest virtually try on products they find on the Pinterest app using Pinterest Lens

creating content for Pinterest

Creating Pins on Pinterest 

The first aspect of creating eye-catching pins is to make sure they are the correct size. You can do this right in the Pinterest editor. Here’s a quick look at how to create a pin on Pinterest.

  • Select the product photos that you would like to use.
  • Crop every photo into the ideal shape of 2:3.
  • Add your logo to the Pin (the bottom center is the ideal location).
  • Add a text overlay if you would like, such as words that explain the product or service promoted by the Pin.

When you are ready, you can go ahead and publish your pin. You can also consider scheduling your Pins ahead of time through a scheduling platform like Later or Tailwind.

use Canva to create pins

Where to Create Your Pins

There are many different places you can create your pins. The most popular choice is Canva. Canva has many Pinterest templates that you can use and add your own content to. Pinterest is a great way to stay on brand and quickly create new pins. You can also utilize stock photos websites if you are just wanting a static type of photo. You can also upload stock photos onto Canva and utilize both. If you are wanting to create your own pins or video pin content, a lot of newer smartphones have nice quality cameras that you can use to create your own images.

Tips for Creating Scroll-Stopping Pins

Tips for Creating Pins

When creating your pins, you want to make sure you stay on brand. You want your pins to be quickly recognized when people see them on their feed. You can do so by utilizing your brand’s colors, fonts, and voice. 

Make sure your Pins are mobile-friendly. People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, so make sure your content converts well when seen on a mobile device. One way to do this is to make sure you add text on high-contrast backgrounds, so people can understand what your Pin is about from any size screen!

Use high-quality images. Set yourself up for success on Pinterest by using beautiful, high-quality imagery within your pins. Consider what type of graphics relate to your brand and utilize those types of images to grab the pinner’s attention. 

Utilize text on your pins. While you want to keep the text to a minimum, utilizing bold text can help your pin stand out. When adding text to an image, your title should appear in large font at the top or middle of your pin. 

Understand how seasonal content works on Pinterest. If you want your content to perform well, utilize seasonal inspiration within your pins. For example, if it is spring you would want your pins to reflect a spring theme. 

As with any content creation, take time to find out what grabs your audience’s attention and revise your content creation plan as needed.

create eye catching pins

Time to Create Eye-Catching Pins

Now that you’ve learned more about creating content for your Pinterest account, it’s time to start creating eye-catching pins. Take time to plan out your content and don’t forget to take a look at your analytics on Pinterest so you can know what types of pins are performing the best and adjust your content creation accordingly. 
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