How to Utilize Pinterest for Your Blog Posts

Are you struggling to utilize Pinterest for your blog? You may have a blog that you’ve started posting content on, and might already have a Pinterest account set up too, but are you getting stuck on how to use them together? I’m here to help you understand how you can utilize Pinterest to get more eyes on your blog content. 

Using Pinterest for your blog can get you so many page views and so much traffic! Some blogs get well over 50% of their traffic from Pinterest alone meaning tens of thousands of views! However, it’s also very underused by a lot of bloggers! Let’s get you into the category of being one of the bloggers who utilizes pinterest to its fullest potential! 

utilizing Pinterest for your blog

Understand SEO for Pinterest

Just like optimizing your SEO within your blog posts, you need to utilize SEO within your Pins. Consider, what terms are your ideal audience searching for? If your Pinterest content isn’t optimized for Pinners’ searches, you may be missing out. Keywords are building blocks for search engine optimization—and Pinterest is basically a visual search engine.

Using the right Pinterest keywords will help your content reach the right audience. Take time to research and understand trending tags on Pinterest. Make a list of tags and keywords so that it is easy for you each time you create content. Incorporate Pinterest SEO into your social media strategy so that it is a priority each time you create your pins.

understand seo for Pinterest
creating content for Pinterest

Create Scroll Stopping Pins 

Utilize Canva to help you create scroll stopping images for your Pinterest account. There is even a Pinterest size template within Canva that you can use. I suggest that you create at least 2-4 pins per blog post as you want to share your blog post more than once on Pinterest.

If you need help with finding inspiration, take a look on Pinterest first for inspiration of what to make your pins look like, then think about which ones attract your attention most and be inspired by these (not a copycat!). Make sure to stay on brand with each pin you create on your Pinterest account. You want to be recognized each time your ideal audience sees your Pins.

Create Relevant Boards 

When you set up your Pinterest account, make sure you create a set of boards to match your blog style. For example, if you are a social media manager, you would want your Pinterest boards to relate to topics that you write about on your blog. If you are a food blogger, you would want to create boards for different types of meals, ingredients, baking time, etc. 

As you make your boards don’t forget to add keywords into the board descriptions to help improve their visibility. You should also create a board just for your blog posts so that you have your blogs housed in one place. Once you have your boards created, consider making covers with the name of the board so that your Pinterest looks aesthetically pleasing.

using images on Pinterest for your blog

Incorporate Pinnable Images to Your Blog 

Another great way to grow your Pinterest account and drive more traffic to your site is to incorporate images that people can pin directly from your blog. You do so by adding a plug-in for Pinterest onto your WordPress site. A few to consider are Monarch, Social Warfare, and Pinterest Automatic Pin. 

The Pin It button allows blog visitors to easily pin your blog post. You provide all of the pin description information when you add the button to your site. This way, your blog visitor can click the button and pin your post quickly and easily. So not only will you have this Pin image on your blog and on your Pinterest account, others will not be sharing it to their accounts which increases your visibility EVEN MORE!

Share Your Pins

Now that you have a better understanding of how to utilize Pinterest for your blog, it’s time to share your Pinterest so it can grow! One way to do this is through Facebook Pinterest pages/threads. There are many free groups on Facebook that you can join that allow you to share one of your pins in order to receive engagement and repins on it. This is a great way to grow your Pinterest account, but can become very time consuming since you have to reciprocate it on the other group member’s pins as well. 

Make sure your Pinterest account is linked to your blog so people who find your blog first, know that you are also on Pinterest. Finally, don’t be afraid to make an announcement on your other social platforms to make people aware that you are now utilizing Pinterest for your brand. You may be surprised at how many of your current followers will want to follow you there as well.

share blog posts to Pinterest

Ready to Utilize Pinterest for Your Blog? 

So what are you waiting for?! It’s time to get your Pinterest set up so that you can utilize it to help drive more traffic to your blog. I know it can feel like a lot as you begin utilizing Pinterest, so feel free to comment any questions below or connect with me on Instagram. As a content creator, I’m here to help turn your blog posts into Pinterest pins and create scroll-stopping Pinterest Pins. Check out my services to learn more!