Is Blog Writing Still Relevant?

So you are thinking of starting a blog, but wondering if they are still relevant or not. Is blogging outdated? Nope, not at all! Quite the opposite actually. Blog writing is still relevant more than ever! It is actually one of the best ways to improve your website SEO and gain organic website traffic. Let’s take a look at why blogging is still relevant and why you as a business owner need to be blogging EVERY month.

blog writing still relevant

The Golden Question

It’s a question every business owner eventually blog writing still relevant? Is it worth spending time, money, and effort on your company blog when social media is so prevalent? 

Why yes, yes it is worth it.

You may be wondering why I am saying that if other people say that social media needs to be focused on instead. The thing is…blogging just looks different than it once did. Most people these days don’t want to spend their time browsing through a blog full of “what I did today” type content. So personal blogs are becoming less of a thing every day.

What’s replacing them? Blogs full of helpful, inspiring content. For example:

Every time you’re looking up a recipe, you land on some type of food blog. Fashion inspiration and how-tos? You’ll end up on a fashion blog. DIY home repair? Some type of DIY article. As you can see blogs are indeed very relevant, they just look different than they did before.

social media and blog writing

How Social Media Impacts Your Blog

Gone are the days of just posting a blog article to your website. Instead, there are many ways you can promote your blog via email, text, and social media.  For now, we are going to focus on sharing your blog on social media.

The first way to organically grow your blog via social media is to create custom social media posts and post them on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Make your images captivating and use engaging copy with a call to action for your social media followers to click the link and read your newest blog post.

The next way to organically grow your blog reach is by posting to Pinterest. Pinterest continues to evolve and benefits small businesses. Pinterest also allows you to tag your images with relevant keywords, which helps your blog get seen in front of even more people.

One thing to note with organically growing your blog through social media is that social media is continuously updating and changing. But don’t let that scare you away from blog writing! Instead, embrace the changes and consistently put your content out there!

organic growth with blogs

Growing Your Blog

As you begin blog writing for your business, here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • Make sure your content is unique. Create content with your own spin, sharing your expertise and knowledge with the information-hungry world.
  • Create easy to skim content. If you want to get your point across and keep readers engaged, make it easy for them. Separate your content into well-thought-out headers and keep sentences short.
  • Incorporate links. Not only does including internal and external links improve your SEO, score it also helps keep readers engaged with your content.
  • Tell them what to do next. Towards the end of your blog post, you need a call to action (CTA) which tells your reader what they need to do next. Whether it is to contact you, follow you on social media, or sign up for your newsletter, give them a to-do to keep them engaged.

As you begin blog writing, be patient with yourself. Remember that organic growth takes time, but will be worth it in the long run as more and more people find and read your content.

blog writing content

It’s time to Start Writing!

The importance of blogging for business ventures cannot be underestimated under present digital and marketing circumstances. Even with the emergence of other creative tools to support your visibility and push forward your services, it does not diminish the value of what a blog can do for your brand. Whatever your needs are, a blog post is a great tool for creating a stream of website traffic, growing audience, and new prospects.

If you’re interested in implementing a cohesive blog strategy or looking to improve your current blog strategy, I invite you to schedule a consultation with me today. Check out my blog services as well to see how I can help make your business blog relevant.

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