Is Having A Virtual Assistant Beneficial?

It’s no secret that the virtual space has grown over the last few years, creating a need for virtual assistants. The virtual assistant (VA) business continues to grow, but is your business growing alongside it? VAs and small business owners go hand in hand, in the fact that VA’s are ready to come alongside your business to help you in areas that you need support in. If you are wanting to learn the benefits of working with a VA or if you are an aspiring VA wondering what being a virtual assistant is all about, read on to find out the benefits of having a virtual assistant. 

What Exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

You may have heard the term virtual assistant, but what does it really entail?

Virtual assistants offer a range of services. They provide administrative, creative, and technical support services for your business. The unique thing about virtual assistants is that no virtual assistants are alike as each one has its own specialty and ways they can help your business.
Virtual Assistants work remotely as independent contractors. While they’re not in-office employees, they can access the necessary data and tools to do the job virtually. There are a few options for how a VA can offer their services. Some VA’s offer hourly service packages while others offer per project rates. 

what is a virtual assistant?

A VA Will Make Your Life Easier!

So why should you hire a virtual assistant? – They will make your business life easier! 

More Time

Being a business owner can mean that a lot of your time is spent on your business rather than other areas of your life. It can also mean that you are STUCK doing time-sucking tasks when you would really need to be working on other areas of your business. When you work with a virtual assistant, you can say goodbye to an overloaded to-do list, and hello to a completed task list! 

Save Money

Want to save money? Then you need to hire a VA. Working with a virtual assistant is actually more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee because the virtual assistant is their own business owner so they won’t need any benefits from you. They also only work the agreed amount of hours or projects a month, so you can decide what works for you and your budget when hiring a virtual assistant. You also save money on training because a virtual assistant is already an EXPERT at what they do.

Grow Your Business

While the VA is working on the tasks you hired them for, this will give you more time to work on other areas of your business, resulting in business growth! You can’t grow your business if mundane tasks consume your daily work life. They drain your decision-making juices and prevent you from paying attention to growth-supporting areas like social media. A virtual assistant can help free you up for the high-level work that supports growth. 

Grow your business with a virtual assistant

Tasks You Can Outsource

There are an endless amount of tasks that a virtual assistant can do. It is important to do your research and find a virtual assistant who specializes in the tasks you need help with. For example, I specialize in content creation, social media management, and blog management. This means that you would work with me for those types of tasks, and look elsewhere for other tasks such as cold calling.

Here is a list to help you get an idea of tasks you can outsource and delegate to a virtual assistant.

  • Market Research
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Call Answering
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Transcription

My advice to you is to take time to write out the top 3 areas you could use support in and hire a virtual assistant to help you in those areas. Once you get comfortable with those tasks you can add more to the list so that your daily business task list gets shorter. 

Outsource to a virtual assistant

Signs It Is Time to Hire A Virtual Assistant

Now that you have seen the benefits of hiring a VA, here are a few signs you a READY to hire a virtual assistant for your business.

  • Your business is holding you hostage
  • Your business needs skills you don’t have
  • You wish there were two of you
  • You spend more time on administrative tasks than the core business itself.
  • You’re ready to scale

If any of these thoughts have come across your mind, start searching for a VA to help you ASAP!

Ready to Grow Your Business?

If you are ready to go from pulling your hair out because you are so overwhelmed to being able to take a breather and enjoy your workday, it is time to hire a VA. If you need help with content creation, social media management, or blog management, I am the EXPERT you need. Check out my portfolio and contact me today to get the help you and your business deserve!

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