Invisible To Visible Membership
For Business Introverts

Create The Visibility Online You Desire To Get Better Client-Driven Results With A Biginner-proof method! 

You want to be an entrepreneur passionate about helping others in your industry and making money. You Know that the only way to achieve that is by showing up online consistently in front of your ideal audience.


As an introvert, the idea of showing up on camera terrifies you to the bone, and you feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating a video showing your face to promote yourself

You are a newbie business owner, and you need to figure out how to start marketing your business, where to start, what to create and sell, and how to even network with others to get noticed.

You feel so alone, and you need a like-minded community of other introverts for support, accountability, and coaching to help you stay afloat in your business

You are tired of being an invisible business owner because you need the confidence and the right marketing tools to transform from invisible to visible.

I have some incredible news to share if you are nodding and wincing!


Be confident to show up on camera daily to sell out your offers authentically.

Have the basic knowledge of how to start marketing effectively to your audience by being equipped with the proper tools to start networking immediately.

A monthly membership that thrives on community building, virtual networking events, and monthly training and masterclasses to help you feel supported in growing your business.

A safe space where mini-challenges, resources, and live recordings are hosted to help you skyrocket your visibility as an introvert; no more second-guessing your skills to get the desired outcome for your business.

Well! I have some news to share!

That is the real magic that happens when you have me as your coach to help you learn to market your offers without any more delays from self-doubt!


Invisible To Visible Membership
For Business Introverts

A new beginner-proof monthly membership to help you create the online visibility you desire to get better client-driven results for your business. 

This is a founding member membership to help build out this platform based on member feedback and participation. A founding member gets an unbeatable price of 22$ per month, and you can cancel anytime! 

What is included in Invisible to Visible Monthly Membership for founding members: 

Bite-sized pre-recorded training in your portal that provides tools and tips for overcoming negative mindset, goal setting, and visualization to help prepare you for the right frame of mind.

Guest speaker masterclasses on topics related to visibility for different platforms

Networking virtual events to connect with like-minded members to practice showing up online.

A feedback form to provide your feedback and questions for the host on what you want to see in this membership.

A lifetime price for founding members; even after the price increases, you keep the same fixed price until you cancel the membership.

A Facebook community for all members to ask questions, host monthly networking events, promote their offers, and practice going live in the group on specific days to provide guest training.

About the Creator

Hi! I’m Julie, the founder of my digital marketing company Juliechristinacreates. I love to create and market digital content to help female business owners thrive in their businesses. I am an introvert with a full-time job, and my mission is to grow my online business full-time to help more people.

I started in this space as a VA and a blogger who helps other entrepreneurs with their blogs. However, I felt called to help other fellow introverts show up online since this was an issue I struggled with when I started in the online space. I aim to provide tried and true strategies that have helped me boost visibility. I want to share my knowledge and passion for digital marketing through effective content creation with others. 

Doors Will Open on September 20th, and if you want to lock in your founding member’s price of 22$ for life, click below to secure your spot on the waitlist now! Limited spots are available!