Tips for Keeping Your Blog on Brand

Every business should have a blog, but will that blog be effective if it is not on brand? Readers need to know that it is your content whenever they see it. Whether you are sending an email, posting to social media, sending a letter, passing out a business card, or writing a blog, your business should be easily recognized and uniform across the board. In this article, we are going to take a look at tips for keeping your blog on brand, but these tips can also be applied to all content you produce for your business.

keeping your blog on brand
branding your logo

What is Brand Identity

Brand identity is a set of visual components that represents a company’s ideas and allows customers to remember a brand and distinguish it from dozens of others. It helps shape consumers’ perceptions about a company, build loyalty and trust, and make a brand memorable.

Having a strong brand identity is critical if you want to receive such benefits as customer loyalty, brand recognition, customer trust, and constant growth. It helps represent your brand’s values and personality and convey consistent messages across all platforms. 

Think of a brand that you recognize just based on seeing their logo. For example, the Starbucks, Nike, and Apple logos are all part of those businesses’ brand identity. Though you may not have as large of a customer base as companies like those, you want to be recognizable within your circle and industry.

What You Need to Represent your Brand 

There are a few elements that go into branding your blog. You need to consider what colors, fonts, brand voice, and personality you want to be associated with your blog.

  • Logo. Logos can be presented in the form of images, texts, and shapes that depict a brand’s name and purpose. Of course, a logo is the key element of a company’s identity since customers usually pay attention to it. 
  • Font. Once you decide on your logo, you should think of the corporate font you will use on your website and in different content creation.
  • Brand Voice. Consider how you want to sound to people who read your content. Think of the type of voice that would represent your brand well and also be something that your read easily connects with.

Where to Find brand inspiration

When deciding on what you want your brand identity to be for your blog, don’t be afraid to get inspiration from other brands. Just don’t be a copycat! You can get inspiration from online sources like Creative Market, Canva, Pinterest, and Google Fonts. These are also great places to get elements to create your branding if you are doing it yourself. On Canva you can create a logo for your business and Google fonts is a great place to get specialty fonts from.

finding brand inspiration

How to Incorporate Your Branding on Your Blog

Once you have your branding ready, it’s time to keep your blog on brand. You will do so by incorporating all of the elements I talked about above into every aspect of your blog. You will want to use your colors, logo, and font when creating your website. Whenever you create content for your website you will also want to use your brand identity. The goal is to have everything you produce for your business/blog to be uniform and consistent. For example, when I create content for my social media posts, I make sure they include my brand colors, fonts, and aesthetics. In doing so I am building up awareness about my brand.

are you keeping your blog on brand?

Are you Keeping Your Blog on Brand?

Branding truly can be a secret weapon for your business. If you want to build trust, authority, and recognition within your industry, then you need to think about keeping your blog on brand. I hope you found these tips helpful, and are ready to take the next step in your blogging venture.

If you are ready to get help with your blog or need content created that incorporates your branding identity, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss how you can benefit from my services.

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